High-Quality Green Lemon from Johor

With the fertile soil and the good quality air and water, the outstanding geology and environment of Gunung Ledang, Tangkak, Johor have the ability to sustain high-quality plant growth. Our green lemons, 333 Tangkak Lemon, that are planted at Gunung Ledang are scrupulously cultivated by our professional team, in order to produce plump and juicy fruits.

Freshly Delivered, No Preservatives

Most imported fruits are sprayed with preservatives or wax coating to keep them fresh and preserve their appearance. The largest lemon suppliers to Malaysia are South Africa, China, and Vietnam. Due to time-consumption for shipping, the lemons are inevitably given such “special treatment”.

For preservative-free lemons, however, look no further than 333 Tangkak Lemon, originating from Gunung Ledang, Tangkak, Johor, where they are freshly delivered from the farm to your local major supermarkets no later than 2 days! Which is why, it’s way fresher than imported lemons too!


The Uniqueness Of Green Lemon



More Vitamin C

The Benefits of Green Lemon

Helps boost immune system

Helps improve digestive health

Helps improve skin health

Helps in weight management


Grasp your Green Lemons today!